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20,000 face visors donated to UK NHS hospitals and care homes

The MAN Group, a collaboration of 10 UK manufacturing companies have pulled together to help support our front line heroes by designing and manufacturing high quality and easy to assemble face visors.

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The manKIND Visor


Customise for comfort

easy to assemble

Easy assembly

Only 2 part construction

NHS approved

As donated

to the NHS

Thank you for the great feedback!

The visors will certainly be put to good use! They are strong and decent which is great compared to some that we have had!
I can personally recommend these visors. I’ve bought enough to see me through for at least a year. or maybe longer, because they are washable!
Everyone found them more comfortable than others
Just wanted you to know that out of all the visors I have tried, this one is the very best. It’s so easy to put together, but more importantly, for me anyway, the visor wraps around the face far more than any others I have tried and therefore offers far more protection. I will be ordering more of these and will use this type from now on.
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We already have the manufacturing capability and expertise in place to produce large quantities of these high quality face visors, if you would like to know more or are interested in using or selling this product, please complete the form.

Or buy it now on eBay

MAN Group provides complete engineering and manufacturing solutions for our customers through the collaboration of world-class knowledge, expertise and technology. The group provides a non-competitive environment for member companies to share best practice and create a stronger, combined force when tendering for contracts. Additionally we have associate members providing a full marketing and communications service to supplement your own internal resource, if required, or act as your Virtual Marketing Department.